Clover Valley Trauma Management has been providing expert first aid instruction to hundreds of students both for public and private companies by WCB certified instructors. The life saving techniques taught by Clover Valley Trauma Management instructors are the same trusted techniques used today by medical and rescue personnel all over the world. The spectrum of training has ranged from teaching young adults to business professionals.

We come to you

The WCB certified instructors’ practical knowledge of over 25 years experience will ensure you gain a broader understanding of these applications as they relate to everyday situations. We deliver expert results in a trainer setting. All our training equipment is new and is WCB approved.

Let us show you how to prevent, prepare for and cope with any emergency.

Protect yourself and your staff and learn first aid skills that can help save lives. While serious in nature, this first aid training is a fun day for participants and a great team building experience for all. Our instructors will train at your venue or arrange a suitable training facility that complies with the Health and Safety requirements.

Need Help? Hire Us! 

Clover Valley Trauma Management also contracts for part time employees or for someone to fill relief positions for Construction Safety Officer or OFA Level 3 First Aid Attendant. 

Are you looking for someone that has good knowledge of B.C.’s Environmental Protection Regulations as well as Confined Space Entry?

If you are, then your company deserves the best. You can trust the experienced team from Clover Valley Trauma Management for all your first aid and safety needs. Please contact us with any questions or click on the buttons below for further information.

Call Scott on (604) 763-1132 or send us a message through the Contact Form.